Chip Advisor

The King's Arms


Chip advice dated: 26 November 2019 - Hash #no 1537

Up down pub ranking

Particularly annoying after stressing the need for plenty of beer there wasn't any on draft. A failed delivery was allegedly to blame so, for only the second time ever on a Hash, the ale cupboard was bare! The Oatmeal Pale Ale, a keg beer, was pretty tasty but set a new hash price high at £5.70 a pint.
Not beer:
Not a lot of good news on the soft front either with L & S topping £2 and cola & lemonade strangely 20p differently priced at £3.15 and £3.35 respectively. Only ray of sunshine was the hot chocolate which, at £2.75 was reasonably priced and supposedly pretty yummy.
The promise from the chef of 4kg. of chips sounded heaps but actually only amounted to 4 large bowls, two of which were hijacked by Moose, Sooper et al on the way into our reserved room. A discussion with said chef did, however, yield another 2 loaded bowls of "real" chips, skin on, chunky and pretty tasty. Fancy dan upmarket ketchup was thick and very lush. Drizzle cake fest meant that nobody went home less than stuffed!
Our reserved location was a beam laden olde world room complete with a log fire which, once these were replenished, gave us a cracking warm up. Good location for the cake fest although some of our number had to sit just outside due to a sizing issue - or was it to waylay the chips?


An ancient former coaching inn situated in Cookham High Street, this reeking of character and also the fact that you will need deep pockets to eat or drink here. The King's Head benefits from a surprisingly large car park found through the adjacent arch with which many a well lubricated customer has skirmished over the years inevitably resulting in arch 1, car 0. 


No. Date Hare Details
125319/08/14Benchbreaker & The Blonde