Chip Advisor

The Queens Head


Chip advice dated: 23 August 2016 - Hash #no 1362

Up down pub ranking

ESB - Mmmmmm. Superb and backed up by London Pride, another Fullers beer whose name was instantly forgotten after quaffing a couple of ESB's, and Breakies Ordinaire. £4 a pint for the real deal but worth every penny!
3 big bowls of blisteringly hot but very tasty chips. Bit of a loaves and fishes exercise trying to spread these out over the several tables in various rooms occupied by HWH3.
The big problem with The Queens Head is that the interior comprises several small rooms which means that a large group such as ours is spread out resulting in only being able to converse with a small proportion of the assembled masses.Garden OK for, just, swinging cats.


An atmospheric hostelry which has the feel of being in someones house given the layout. Thai grub, naturally sampled by Mike before he demolished chips and Livvy's birthday cakes, excellent ales and a large selection of that lager stuff for those of a strange persuasion.


No. Date Hare Details
136223/08/16Keyboard Ken
104309/11/10General Menace