Chip Advisor

The Red Lion


Chip advice dated: 11 July 2017 - Hash #no 1410

Up down pub ranking

Very decent Pride on offer. Only other ale was Young's Flat Basic which was too weak to consider. When the bar person looks you in the eye and demands, without even a hint of embarrassment,£4.20 a pint, the happy feeling of being in the pub, out of the deluge, soon evaporated.
Not beer:
So, a relative of Dick Turpin is alive, well and runs/owns the Red Lion! A medium glass of lime & soda at £1.90, coke and lemonade both at £3.65 a pint - come on now. With a profit margin of a gazillion percent, this guy should be Chancellor or counter charging the Europeans for Brexit !!
Dave was worried about how many golden wonders we would get for his budget. The arrival of one large bowl of huge, hand carved (see Aud's piccy of the largest chip ever seen by HWH3) yummy chips was followed by another of equal size and delicious content. A struggle to finish, we just had to hunker down and put the chip peddle to the metal.
After the drenching on another Maggie wet fest, any interior of any pub would have been welcome. This was comfy but a strange concoction of glass, chrome, designer coloured walls, a false fireplace and other over the top yuppie junk.


The Red Lion used to be a typical village local with a small interior which was slightly scruffy but which served good ale at prices which didn't have the clientele gasping in disbelief. After closing and reopening, it has transmogrified into that arch villain of bearded, baggy, slop ridden jumper clad CAMRA types - an Oh Yah Bar. With Chelsea type decor, prices to match and a somewhat poncey, cravat and designer jean wearing landlord, it is not a place for the spit and sawdust connoisseur but rather the haunt of the upmarket set to whom Beer is a place in Devon. 


No. Date Hare Details
141011/07/17Rocky Road & Fair-weather
126321/10/14Judy & Mr Chips
101901/06/10Rocky Road