Chip Advisor

The Chequers Inn

Wheeler End

Chip advice dated: 3 March 2020 - Hash #no 1551

Up down pub ranking

Owing to a catastrophic mix-up (landlord - on holiday - replacement forgot to put the beer order in), we were in danger of drinking a pub dry before we'd even arrived! However, by the time Tuesday came, the Pride (4.1%, £4.30?) & Seafarers (3.6%) were both on, and although the HSB was off, the pub kindly decided to sell the bottles of ESB (5.9%) for a cut-price £3.00 rather than the headline price of £4.40. Result.
Not beer:
As per the last time we visited in Sep-19: "L&S at a very reasonable quid a pint with lemonade & that dark fizzy brew much beloved by Keyboard et al coming in at £2.50."
[£25] Industrial chippery at work here. A spud-uction line. A feast of frites. A torrent of tattoos [please feel free to insert your own chip-based puns here!]
Small car park, but plenty of parking along the side of the road out front (keeping off the common!), whilst out back, we had the dining room to ourselves...which made for a very convivial atmosphere and an excellent platform for Roger to embarrass the landlady with her POTY Award.


Not sure where Mick got his 'ocean liner' analogy from (Sep-19 report)...perhaps he was sailing high at the time, or double-checking his plimsoll line? Still, judging by the weather, any boat-based puns would still hold water!

However, let's concentrate on the good old-fashioned square bar as soon as you step in the front door, which marks this out as a proper drinkers' pub that also happens to serve good food (as opposed to a food emporium that just happens to serve beer). Combined with a welcoming landlord and landlady, efficient bar service and ubiquitous chips, The Chequers has a distinctly unchequered future as far as the hash is concerned.


No. Date Hare Details
160823/11/21IGSH & SWMBO
51 years, 2 months, 5 days
Pub of the Year 2019
149726/02/19Truly Scrumptious