Chip Advisor

The Stag and Hounds

Farnham Common

Chip advice dated: 13 March 2018 - Hash #no 1447

Up down pub ranking

Although some of the fine array of pumps were devoid of ale, there were at least six on offer. These included Bellhaven, Ruddles County, an apparently fine drop of Tribute and the most excellent IPA Reserve at a comforting 5.4%.Nice to see a good selection and at least one to put hairs on your chest.
Not beer:
L & S at a sensible 80p a pint. After all, this is unsavoury fizzy water with a dose of lime to make it slightly less unpalatable. Cola, as always, was dearer at £2.50 a pint which seems to be the de minimus ticket for this stuff. Didn't see any of our number with a hot chocolate so dunno if it was on offer.
Before the run Hawkeye fessed up to the bad news that there were no chips as the boozer had, seemingly overnight, decided to abandon food production. In the pub it seems that the landlady managed to come up with some. Good news? Well, the consensus was that these were reheated from lunchtime or earlier and that they were either fishy or greasy. But hey, better than nout.
Given that the venue was fairly loaded with punters oohing and aahing at the demise of M.U. in their Champions League match resulting in a split in location of our numbers, it wasn't great. Better when the match finish and GM could get rid of some with his stentorian, and probably down right weird to non hashers, speech. Car park not hash friendly but pay & display opposite.


Farnham Common or Farnham Royal? It probably depends on the length of ones proboscis and angle at which this is held. The Stag & Hounds used to be a so called gastro pub with very decent grub at fairly reasonable prices, this dispensed in the small but well decked out dining area. It seems to have either changed hands or could it be that the management have merely let it go somewhat. From foodie to footie, it now is more of a sports bar with a lager swilling clientele whose noses are only far enough away from the tellie screens to enable the thrusting of hedgehog & turnip crisps into their permanently open gobs.  


No. Date Hare Details
Hawaii 5 0!
138303/01/17Benchbreaker & The Blonde
132905/01/16Benchbreaker & The Blonde
127613/01/15Benchbreaker & The Blonde
122214/01/14Benchbreaker & The Blonde
118911/06/13The Blonde & Benchbreaker
116708/01/13Benchbreaker & The Blonde