Chip Advisor

The Rose & Crown

Stoke Poges

Chip advice dated: 22 August 2017 - Hash #no 1416

Up down pub ranking

Never met Mr. Wainright but the beer in his esteemed name was refreshing but as thin as an anorexic teenager. I admit to a dislike of Rebellion and bravely tried the Smuggler which was clag in a glass. Stadler, whose face took on a look of considerable displeasure when he got his hooter in the glass for a sniff, will back me up on this. Rebellion's "monthly special" Rocket also on offer. £3.80 a scoop - reasonable.
Not beer:
A quid for a pint of very limey L & S had the aficionados of this concoction positively purring. Keyboard reasonably happy at lobbing over £2.40 for a pint of the brown fizzy stuff so all was well in the soft department.
Plenty of piping hot offerings from our hosts, these complemented by a good supply of condiments and nice napkins for us to abuse. Don't think that the spuds came from the very best corner of the field but, in all, right nice.
Much like the best room of an 1890's terrace with ceiling paper and space at a premium. Very neat,clean and tidy but glad that the shorts got in to secure the available seating before the longs after which it turned into something resembling an underground train in the rush hour.


Situated on the prettily named Hollybush Hill, The Rose & Crown is very much an old style village pub in the ribbon development of Stoke Poges on the way to polyglot Slough. The village is famous for it's Effigy in a County Courtroom written some time ago by someone who had probably been on the sauce. Could it be that the lowing herd winding slowly o'er the lea was a premonition of a visit by HWH3? 


No. Date Hare Details
141622/08/17Steady & Crazy
127116/12/14Steady & Crazy