Chip Advisor

The General Havelock

Wycombe Marsh

Chip advice dated: 16 April 2019 - Hash #no 1504

Up down pub ranking

Aaahh, the joy of six, six being the number of ales on tap. Dark Star Hophead being one for those in short trousers at only 3.8% , the other fine ales being Gales HSB, Dark Star American Pale Ale & American Brown, Pride & last but not least, Fullers flagship ESB which was superb.
Not beer:
Perhaps time to wave the white flag & accept that reasonably priced softs are just not the done thing, the chance to load up the profit margin being too great a pull. L & S at £1.50 not bad however. A strange pricing for the brown fizz with the thin variety at £2.70 a pint whilst the fat cola was £3. Odd. Lemonade etc. at £2.70 at WHAT ... no choccy!
Difficult to properly assess due to both the fact that they turned up late on and, by this time, the third pint of ESB had been dispatched. Cue the beginning of beer goggles time. However, from the somewhat hazy recollection they were pretty yummy, some swimming against the tide of ketchup.
A convivial boozer with good service ma characterful straight through bar and decent service. Not so rammed as on our last visit which lead to a greater spirit of togetherness and allowed for the GM to receive his well earned gifts and dole out his sermon. Car parking challenging as usual.


Character - tick, always 6 real ales on tap - tick, good service - tick, excellent local reputation for good food at sensible price - tick. The General Havelock, which was originally three farmyard cottages and has been family owned for over 25 years, is a proper pub which delivers in spades. Stuck on a back road into Wycombe complete with it's notorious pinch points & speed humps, it deserves a bigger audience but perhaps it is best left as a cracking local hidden from the masses traversing the A.40.  


No. Date Hare Details
Xmas Eve hash - 1pm.