Chip Advisor

The Red Lion

Knotty Green

Chip advice dated: 23 April 2019 - Hash #no 1505

Up down pub ranking

"Only two beers. Timothy Landlord pretty good, IPA cr*p as usual"...oh hang on, these are Mick's words, hence the Anti-Rebellion rantings (what is the opposite of a Rebellion btw...a Peacefulism?) To be fair, when you can get it free from the Brewery (as long as you adhere to the 2-pint tasting limit...Sooper!) it does grate a bit paying £4 in a I had the Landlord too which was rather nice. Still, limited range and limited service so I'll agree with the '6'.
Not beer:
"Didn't catch the price of the L & S, but others £3 a pint which is now becoming around the norm unfortunately!" Yup, agreed, Beaconsfield environs is never going to come in at the cheap end for L&S!
"Massive quantity, good quality and FREE!!" What more can you say? Mr Chips was still table-hopping looking for leftovers, but even he slowed down somewhat towards the very end. Plates, cutlery, napkins, be fair, this ticked every box.
"7/8 - nice to have a room to ouselves although it was a bit rammed & sweaty" Hmmm, perhaps a tad generous here? Limited, quite treacherous parking off a busy road (although decent side roads nearby), a rather funny layout (large verandah, squiggly bar area and a solid windowless backroom (where we were placed). All in all, whilst the hash took over the pub and livened it up, I'm not sure I'd stop off here for any other reason, although I hear that the food is quite good, and judging by the chips (see above), in plentiful quantities!


Mick has absolved himself of the Chip Advisor write-up this week, citing a professional conflict of interests (it being his hash), so I've stepped into his (well-lubricated!) shoes. On t'internet, it is listed as the "Georgian pub haunt of Enid Blyton now serving comfort food with log fires, old books and live music", and yes, a quick look at their facebook page reveals plenty of activity, from an Elvis Tribute Act (unique!) to a Quiz Night (oh, we like those, don't we?!), so hats off to The Red Lion for being a real focal point for the community. Very generous too (on the chips front) so hats off again. Enid Blyton there's a puzzler!


No. Date Hare Details
127223/12/14Speedbump & Sarah
Christmas Fancy Dress Run