Chip Advisor

The Leathern Bottle


Chip advice dated: 11 December 2018 - Hash #no 1487

Up down pub ranking

On the plus side, the Oh Be Joyful had plenty of flavour but it did smack of nearer the bottom than top of the barrel, hence Oh Be Looking for the Toilet Tomorrow was probably a more accurate name. Also the reliable but unexciting Marston's Pedigree and Braks. oh so thin Ordinary cooking on offer. No sign of Zorro's promised Hobgoblin.
Not beer:
The L & S had gone up by 20% from our last visit to an eye watering £2.50 a pint. If quizzed, expect the bar staff to blame it on Brexit as is the current excuse trend (the fizzy water comes from Europe, I think Sir"), along with a whole host of other price rises currently experienced. Bloody rip off. Cola at £2.80, not too bad. Redeeming factor was a marsh mallow laden hot choccy complete with a biccy at £3.50.
Now then, these were cracking. Crispy on the outside and just the right consistency in the middle. Dunno it they were cheffy twice, thrice or sixty seven times cooked but they were yummy. Supplied in large bowls, they did require somewhat fireproof fingers and an asbestos gob being a bit nuked.
Beamy, a roaring fire on a brasso evening, a nice room to ourselves without the needless interruption of stray punters, it was only somewhat challenged as a great venue by the emanation from one of our furry friends bottom which was strong enough to remove wallpaper. A very pleasant location for the post hash wind down barring this unfortunate incident.


Between the Chilterns and the Oxford Plain lies the almost invisible village of Lewknor, missed by many a traveller steaming down the M.40, within which lies the 450 year old hostelry known as Ye Olde Leathern Bottel. This venerable venue boasts a pleasing, authentically old interior with real timbers, not the plastic jobs or those ruined with garish paint sometimes happened upon. The boast of "a large car park" is not a factual representation of the smallish, awkward shaped, part grassed affair that sits outside however. A pleasant location nevertheless. 


No. Date Hare Details
143205/12/17Whipping Boy & Louise
128517/03/15Keyboard Ken
101106/04/10Whipping Boy