Chip Advisor

The Red Lion

Little Missenden

Chip advice dated: 15 August 2017 - Hash #no 1415

Up down pub ranking

[Mick] Betty Stogs. I envisage a Cornish woman built like a brick outhouse with a tattoo of the last Herring that she snogged. A beer however, although indeed Cornish it was strangely on offer at the Red Lion in leafy Bucks. Very decent it was too. Only Tring's Sidepocket & GK IPA to back up (£3.60 each), both of these too weedy to even consider proper ale. £3.90 a jug - bit on the pricey side. [Matt] What is it about the name 'Betty' that invokes such memories? My own personal reminiscences date back to a Macc Lads song, 'Sweaty Betty'..."She used to play for Wigan at the back of the scrum" being about the only repeatable line from the entire song. 'Nuff said there! Still, very nice beer, so I take most of it back.
Not beer:
[Mick] Spent a while trying to ascertain whether there was actually any lime in Jo's L & S. Came to the conclusion that the lime bottle was merely shown to the glass which, at £2 a pint was not brilliant. Coke in tiny, weeny bottles so £3 for less than a pinta. [Matt] Jo did entreat me to 'sniff her lime', but as Glenn was present, I respectfully declined.
[Mick] Plentiful & right tasty, well cooked with the temperature at the finger and in the gob just right. They were yummy and well enjoyed by all. Never did see any condiments so a slight deduction ordered by Hashalator Supremo Matt. [Matt] Well, we're starting to get tougher on the chip marking, having put in place a £30 upper limit after Mick nearly had his King Edward's snipped in two a couple of weeks ago with an £80 bill (reduced to £60 after certain 'favours' were proffered)
[Mick] A "Manuel" barman from Barcelona, enough weird stuff to fill Steptoe's cart, cosy with beams and a fireplace replete with enough copper pots to give the local scrap metal merchant the hots, it is a quirky and pretty enjoyable venue. [Matt] Any place with a gun-toting rabbit guarding the bar and an amorous 12 ft gorilla outside tends to qualify for the term 'quirky'. In fact, the collection of hunting rifles adorning the walls either makes this one of the safest or the most dangerous pubs around - I haven't quite decided yet, but if anybody wants to do a runner and find out, please let me know....


An ancient boozer tucked away in the ancient hamlet of Little Missenden, mentioned in the Doomsday Book and now a by-passed backwater off of the A.413 racetrack to Aylesbury. Parking always problematical, indeed I think that some of our number were nearer to Amersham than Missenden, the Red Lion has featured in Midsomer Murders on several occasions. With a large Gorilla outside, duelling over size rabbits on the bar, one could stagger home from a session and wake up thinking that it had all been a bad dream. 


No. Date Hare Details
141515/08/17Dashwood Dick & Muttley
98627/10/09Mr Chips & Judy