Chip Advisor

The Green Dragon

Flackwell Heath

Chip advice dated: 10 December 2019 - Hash #no 1539

Up down pub ranking

Prime rebellion territory so the landlords imagination only stretched as far as Marlow! With one pump not currently being used for anything more than decoration, there were two ales on offer, the very reasonable Roasted Nuts and the lamentably unsatisfying weedy IPA.
Not beer:
Free pound, free pound, free pound. This was the barmaids reply to an enquiry as to the prices of a pint of L & S, lemonade & cola. "We charge 'em all at the same rate mate". Very steep for a wave of lime in a pint pot of soda!! [currently most expensive on record - ed] Hot choc at £2 a mug but apparently no yummy toppings at this price.
Spotted out of the corner of the eye was a very short person clutching a large tin tray of chippings. No, not a dwarf but a young lad who most carefully delivered a series of these trays of excellent chips to each table in turn. Fine portions and a different spin on the culinary experience with brown sauce being the offer of the day.
Decent service, decent welcome, plenty of seating in what was a pleasant modern style clearly refurbished interior replete with Xmas decs. Only downsides were the miniscule excuse for a car park, although plenty of roadside available, and the lack of a mirror in the gents. Perhaps, however, best not to look post Hash!


The Green Dragon has a chequered history having been, over the years, something of a spit and sawdust rough local, an upmarket "gastro" type venue pub with fancy cuisine and prices to match, and now a neat and tidy local. With yet another change in management, the new incumbents are seen to be working hard to restore the customer base and, given the lack of watering holes nearby, lets hope that they succeed and avoid the fate of so many pubs on the Hash circuit.   


No. Date Hare Details
157329/12/20Lawrence & Stalker
153910/12/19Stalker & Billy Whizz
A Christmas Carol