Chip Advisor

The Golden Cross


Chip advice dated: 21 March 2017 - Hash #no 1394

Up down pub ranking

On offer Hereford HPA which was well kept and very quaffable and Greene King London's Glory, this sampled by Hawkeye who declared it to be inferior to the HPA. Both ales well priced at a decent £3.70 a jar. Shan't mention the p water known as GK IPA!
Not beer:
The L & S reasonably priced and actually aparently had lime in it rather than the wave of the bottle over the glass experienced at some establishments. The brown fizzy stuff came in at £2.90 a pint although I was charged £1.95 for a glass. Hope that nobody photographed me buying straight coke !!
The Golden Cross is known for it's good pub grub and decent portions thereof and it certainly didn't disappoint. Apart from bigish bowls of tasty chips there were roast tatties and bundles of mozzarella/jalepeno things. All in all, a right good blow out.
A cheery welcome into the boozer, decent service and, mercifully, no other customers to disturb the general merriment or relief at having got through another Hash.Clean and tidy with a strange multi coloured decor scheme and decent porcelain shops, not much to dislike.


The Golden Cross, situated on the race track from West Wycombe to Risboro in the fairly mundane "village" of Saunderton, who's station outside of what passes as rush hour here often sees trains disgorge or pick up precisely no one, is one of those pubs which is usually quickly sped past. However, with great grub at very acceptable prices and decent ale, it is perhaps a venue which requires more consideration. 


No. Date Hare Details
158011/05/21Twinkle Toes
139818/04/17Truly Scrumptious
139421/03/17Helles Belles & Ron
128807/04/15Helles Belles & Ron