Chip Advisor

The Bird in Hand


Chip advice dated: 9 January 2018 - Hash #no 1438

Up down pub ranking

Although there were some boys beers - Hooky Mild, Adnams Seafarer & Loddon Hoppit, the range, which also included Rebellion Smuggler and London Pride at more manly strengths was great to see. The beer in this, apparently the only free house in Henley, was well kept and sensibly priced which is rarely the case hereabouts.
Not beer:
Once again the L & S, which was reasonably priced , was way cheaper than the secret lemonade drinker or cola quaffer experienced as these came in at £2.60 a throw. One of life's mysteries as the stuff all comes out of the same tube!! As the lime dispenser went pear shaped, a bit extra was dispensed by hand - a nice touch. No choccy but mulled wine available.
A distinct lack of seating given the seemingly sacrosanct no go dining room and the aged bar lady who tried to palm me off with Smuggler instead of Pride did not detract greatly from the traditional feel of this nice little boozer. With well kept ales yielding CAMRA awards & a friendly welcoming atmosphere a very pleasant venue.


Daddies Roller pulls over. A striped jacketed Tarquin together with designer dressed Rowenna and their up market cronies lean out of the kerbside doors and vomit copiously into the gutter. Welcome to Henley during Regatta Week. A very upmarket town situated in champers and pinkers territory and where anything less than a £40K Beamer is looked upon (down the nose) as a failures motor. With many hostelries charging eye watering sums for a good slurp, many upturned little fingers and buckets of tweed, it is refreshing to find an unpretentious, downright decent pub like the Bird in Hand.  


No. Date Hare Details
128624/03/15Truly Scrumptious