Chip Advisor

The Black Cat


Chip advice dated: 31 March 2015 - Hash #no 1287

Up down pub ranking

[Mick] “3.5/5”…which I guess means 7/10 in modern metric parlance [Nikki] “yummy beer”….which isn’t exactly CAMRA-speak, but we get the gist
Not beer:
“Before you get your running tights in a tangle I rang the pub and can confirm the price of the L and S is £1.50, however I can't comment on its limeyness over the phone!!! [Nikki foresakes the ‘one job’ she has to do, and desperately tries to make amends!]
[Mick] “Loadsa chips!” [Nikki]“Chips pleantiful”..I see a trend emerging here = quantity!
[Mick] “”…..evidently Mick wasn’t feeling too verbose at this point! [Nikki] “It was a lovely Black Cat - definitely a purring one!” - back in the real world…!


Hummery : The Black Cat that almost got the cream of the votes, with good ales and plentiful chips. Luckily it was also friendly to dogs!


Overheard on the hash (31st March 2015)

“I'm not sure whether anyone's mentioned Rogers girly eyelash fluttering at the scary man in the woods?! Helen Keats and I ran as fast as our legs could carry us, but Roger appeared to be loitering with intent!!!” [Nikki narrowly escapes a Close Encounter of the Other Kind]


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