Chip Advisor

The Black Horse

Great Missenden

Chip advice dated: 14 May 2019 - Hash #no 1508

Up down pub ranking

Nice to see 4 real ales on the pump. Hang on though.1 is Rebellion IPA which is to beer lovers what quorn is to those who like a prime steak. Anyway, Pride, Doombar & Whitewater Belfast Ale to enjoy except that Barney, a beer connoisseur if ever there was one, reckons the Belfast was on it's way out. Great, possibly illicit, cider from "out the back".
Not beer:
As Led Zeppelin said "The Song Remains the Same". Cola & lemonade at a medium extortion rating of £3.20 a pint whilst the L & S was not too unreasonable at £1.80 although the lime content is unknown - a wave over the glass or a good glug. Out of the choc season possibly but this concoction was available at £2.20.
There was a first issue of chips, which wouldn't have won any chip beauty contests but were right tasty, cheesy nachos & onion rings. A second coming of more chips, some the same as the first lot and some rather odd brownish ones, followed on. Only caveat is whether Conehead had to apply to QuickQuid for the provision of this feast.
With plenty of parking, friendly bar staff who made a decent fist of reducing the queue, a decent welcome. As previously mentioned at this venue, the bar area did somewhat resemble a rush hour railway carriage and it is a bit cosy for our vast throng with seating a tad short on numbers. However, recently refurbished, a boozer well worth the right (or left) turn into the car park.


Out of Missenden, and on the backwater road which joins the Aylesbury raceway, The Black Horse is an interesting pub which boasts a field used as a helipad and also balloon flights. Although it is some little way out of the village and is probably bypassed by punters zooming along the A.413, it seems to be thriving. With a beer, cider & gin festival coming up, a good rating for food and decent ale, it is, perhaps, not surprising. 


No. Date Hare Details
118728/05/13Dashwood Dick
106529/03/11Mr Chips & Judy