Chip Advisor

The Prince of Wales


Chip advice dated: 14 April 2015 - Hash #no 1289

Up down pub ranking

A welcome bout of dissension here - Paul reckoned it was ‘unimaginative’ for a pub in Marlow to be serving just Rebellion & Doombar, without any guest ales, whereas everybody else seemed quite happy with very well kept beer at £3.70 (although ‘posh girly lagers’ did cost a bit more, much to Aaron’s chagrin). Anyway, Paul was outvoted, as was Barney who popped up with a late “Beer just OK, 6/10 comment” - but there again, he was sitting next to Mr Happy (Hawkeye), so no surprises there.
Not beer:
Huge disparity here, with L&S coming in at an on-par £1.25, (although Barney claims it was the same for a pint or half-pint…in which case always ‘Go Large’!. However, the shocker was coke/lemonade weighting in at a whopping £3.30 a pint which shocked both Ken & Zach! Having said that, Zach’s mummy Nikki was reasonably happy, as i) she had her drink bought for her, ii) she had her long-awaited olives, so couldn’t be all that bothered at the end of the day either way.
Aaron pointed out that last week they had provided chips, potato wedges AND onion rings, and overcatered as well….so slightly looked down his nose at this week’s offering of just ‘chips’ which weren’t judged ‘crispy’ enough. Still, nicely served, plenty of mayo & ketchup and no Mike to scoff them all down before the longs arrived. Oh, and, Barney agreed with a 7/10 ranking, ‘a good average standard with lots of condiments’
“The landlord was very friendly”. I know this because Sooper must have repeated this about 10 times, no doubt because Sooper & his ‘chalk-mate’ started laying the trail at 10am this morning, and were still out & about when we arrived at 7:40pm, with ‘a few pub stops inbetween’…hmmmm. We did have to park a bit away (otherwise the landlord might not have been so ‘friendly’) and the 8:00pm Quiz was still going when we arrived, but we were granted a separate alcove, and it was all very pleasant.


Hummery: Just off the High St, but retaining a very relaxed feel with the inevitable selection of Rebellion ales - good for drinkers, less so for teetotallers!


Overheard on the hash (15th April 2015)

“I was only allowed to lay the dots - Sooper wouldn’t let me do the circles….or the numbers…maybe in a couple of years?” [Simon, who helped Sooper lay the trail, but was kept on a very short leash]

 “Waaaahhhhhh! Well, it’s their fault for paying £150 for a room, ‘innit?! Oy, by the way, you can see my boat from ‘ere” [Ade, passing the Crown Plaza hotel and ensuring all the occupants knew he was]

”He’s not running ‘cos he’s tweaked his knee…mind you, that’s not even a proper injury is it?   “Definitely not even enough to get him off netball”  [Ian, & Matt,  musing on an absent hasher’s injury]

”Careful Andy, we don’t want to set off that ‘swinging bridge’ effect, do we?” [Matt following Andy across the Marlow bypass, two heavyweights of hashing in ‘too close’ a unison]

”Why have the street lights suddenly gone out?” [various, whilst waiting in the car park pre-hash] ”Oh, hang on, Robo Hawkeye’s just plugged himself into the mains” [Hawkeye engages the separate battery pack for his bionic legs]



No. Date Hare Details
128914/04/15Sooper & Wing Co