Chip Advisor

The Falcon

Wooburn Moor

Chip advice dated: 19 November 2019 - Hash #no 1536

Up down pub ranking

Only Young's Best, which is a bit under powered at 3.7% , and Wadworth 6X on offer. The 6X was a decent drop with plenty of flavour. Our Hare said that the Proper Job was very good, just a shame that it had run out by the time that we took up residence!
Not beer:
Reasonable ticket price on the L & S at £1.20 a pint while there was confusion over the lemonade - either the same price of £1.20 or £2.80 depending on who one talked to! Answers on a post card please. Cola at a fairly standard £2.80 and positively no hot chocolate.
Whilst the bowls were a decent size, the contents seemed to be from McCostco rather than McCain. Not a lot of flavour and, having scoured the pub, no condiments to perk things up. The catering was, however, enhanced greatly by Isobel's excellent birthday cake and Maggie's wonderful rocky road.
A cosy feel in the beam laden interior with the comfortingly usual lack of other Tuesday night customers. Although the title "scruffy" could be attached to the interior which seems to have been avoided by decorators for a very long time, it still exudes a quirky charm.


An ancient hostelry on the fringes of Wooburn and nestling, if you can call it that, almost under the A.40 bridge over Watery Lane. A survivor of many rounds of local pub closures partly due to it's reputation locally for decent pub grub and partly due to it's excellent beer & cider festivals and other events. The car park is somewhat littered with project cars, including a Roller, which have been on the cusp of being "done up" for many years, their presence not helping the parking situation. A characterful relic which hopefully will continue to provide succour to the thirsty. 


No. Date Hare Details
161221/12/21Lawrence & Moneypenny
153619/11/19Cartwheel & Budgie
130825/08/15Speedbump & Sarah
Micks 500th run!