Chip Advisor

The Fox and Hounds

Christmas Common

Chip advice dated: 14 August 2018 - Hash #no 1469

Up down pub ranking

Hash Tuesday, beer delivery Monday - Joy. Beer delivery Wednesday - Misery. And misery it was with only one pump, standing like a lonesome pine and delivering Brakespear's basic ale. At 3.4% it looks like beer but wouldn't bring a glow to a pre pubescent acne covered teenager. Also, a welcome return of Hawkeye who got a bottom of the barrel pint for his trouble.
Not beer:
The continuing saga of the great soft drink rip off with cola & lemonade at £3.60 a pint and lime & soda at £2. More fleecing going on here, and at many other pubs, than at a sheep shearing competition. Disgraceful!
Small bowls of skinny fries spread as thinly over the turnout as boarding house butter, probably due in part to our sheer numbers and in part due to the sheer cost. Eye dropper sized dishes of ketchup supplied to enhance the somewhat low key experience.
The pub is full of character with beams a plenty and cosy with small rooms such as Poacher's Pocket and The Snug. However, with the vast throng of Hashers mainly taking up station in the front garden, the evenings bonhomie and GM's no doubt verbal masterpiece, largely passed by those tucked inside.


In the middle of absolutely nowhere, but with a tenuous link to Watlington, the Fox & Hounds lies in wait at Christmas Common apparently so named due to a truce being signed here at Christmas during the Civil War. This ancient hostelry is over 500 years old and lies some 812 feet above sea level. Once a cracking ale house with good grub at reasonable prices, it is now a "foodie" venue for the hunting,shooting set sporting a 4 x 4 or those with fairly deep pockets and little idea or need for good beer or soft drinks at a sensible price which is rather a shame. The evening, however was greatly improved by the beer & nosh stop hosted by Phil and Sue. Much appreciated.


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