Chip Advisor

The Old Bell

Wooburn Town

Chip advice dated: 10 November 2015 - Hash #no 1320

Up down pub ranking

Good: £3.60 across the board, and the Pride was judged anything from ‘OK - not the best, but OK’, to ‘Rather good 8/10’ Not so good: Only 2 ales on and the Rebellion IPA was distinctly average….actually not that great at all come to think about it - too cold, too flat, too insipid. Shame that the Old Bones was off and the Roasted Nuts wasn’t on….not that that would have appeased the ‘Crusaders’ (those drinkers rebelling against Rebellion; i.e. the double negatives).
Not beer:
£1.20 L&S but ‘very limey’ whilst Coke was £2.60 which is respectable to good in these parts. Or as Paul remarked, ‘Just think of the calories you can get for £2.60 though?!’
Very nice chips - well cooked, with mayo & ketchup + all the usual bits n bobs. And served with a smile - always a nice addition.
Parking was a while away (not the pub’s fault), and we - dogs included - had a side room to ourselves (to the pub’s credit), although decoration was fairly sparse (possibly the pub’s fault, but then C16 interiors do pose certain problems!) and had the room not been choc-full of hashers it might have looked rather drab (to our credit I believe). Having said that, there was a posher dining room next door, the menu looked good (Sunday lunches are apparently excellent here) and they were hosting a Mexican Evening when we dropped by…..poor Des, the one time his Mexican outfit would have come in useful and he’s a no-show!


Hummery: A friendly foodie pub, welcoming hashers, dogs, and errant Mexicans.  Average prices, below-average beer, above-average chips….so on the whole, about average.


Overheard on the hash (10th November 2015) 

“Dick & Rash” [Helen’s predictive text becomes a mite too predictive….or perhaps a bit too close to home?]

“Ohh, there’s a new game, Hash Pairings: Sarah & Ant = Santa…..Nicky & Zak = Nik Nak……Roger & Roz…..hmmm, that just stays the same as Roz, but then she is the dominant half isn’t she?” [Hours of fun beckon for the Hash Pairing Game]

“I started hashing around the Haiti Earthquake appeal…about 4 years ago.” “No Hawkeye, that was back in Jan 2010, almost 6 years ago” “Really, I must have lost a couple of years then?”

“Helen stopped to show me how to do up my top. She was very good you know - she rolled it up, and tied it round my waist for me. ‘Anything else I can help you with’ she then asked? How about the facts of life?”  [cue Helen sprinting away from Hawkeye across a field]

“Put a titty in your mouth [Roger gets carried away in verse for Phil’s 500th run without Roz to rein in his more ‘artistic’ elements]

“Owing to an administrative error, we gave Phil his 500th tankard on his 450th run” “That’s quite a cock-up Roger, being out by over a year…..can I have my 1,000th t-shirt then?”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-hashion” [Mark begins to rip apart an old classic Bowie song in the search for a new Hasthem ‘Hash Anthem’]

“Follow the flour….Shut that gate!” sung in the style of Larry Grayson [the Hasthem worryingly begins to take shape]

“Barney, how’s the Hash Cash looking? I was wondering whether we could buy a Hash Pub now that the 3 Horseshoes on Wycombe Rd has closed down…?” [Mark gets going....]

“I know what! A home for Retired Hashers, for when they can no longer follow the flour but have to be led on a short circuit of the grounds? We could get Benny Hill-style nurses and....."  [Mark keeps on going....]



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