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The Crown


Chip advice dated: 1 December 2015 - Hash #no 1323

Up down pub ranking

Per Mick ‘Beer - decent Pride + 1 other ale 7/10’ Per Barney ‘Since no one else has replied and even though it's my hash, I will give my view. Beer was normal London Pride 7/10’ So, at least the 2 Grumpy Old Men agree on 1 thing!
Not beer:
Per Mick ‘Softs - not sure what these cost but think a pint for our Aud was about £1.90… it was either lemonade & blackcurrant or soda & blackcurrant! Only Aud knows which concoction it was!! 6/10’ Per Barney ‘Hot chocolate was excellent said Aud’ [no score given] Hmm, so either Aud was drinking a pint of hot chocolate, or Mick has got the weeks mixed up. Myself, I reckon it was more of an Alzheimers than an Ovaltine moment! If it was a Lime & Soda, then £1.90 is expensive - awaiting confirmation, if so it will be a downgrade, if not, it might be tweaked up a point….but we’ll leave it at ‘6’ for now
Per Mick ‘Chips - Lots of smallish bowls of very fair chippings 8/10’ Per Barney ‘Chips bowls were a bit small for £2.20 a bowl. 5/10’ Oh, quite a difference here, with unusually the Chipper (i.e. the Chip Giver - Barney) proving far less optimistic than the Chippee (i.e. the Receiver - Mick) - maybe due to the fact that Barney was putting his hand in his pocket for once and the shock got to him?! I think a ‘6’ looks fair for the time being pending other responses
Per Mick 'Hashmosphere - room to virtually ourselves with minimal heckling from the locals'


Hummery: A long red-brick pub (per its Google profile photo) with a decent-looking beer & fire - more shabby chic than shiny show, but a perfectly respectable hash pub.


Overheard on the hash (1st December 2015) 

Not a lot apparently….as I wasn’t there, or else everybody is very diplomatic!


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