Chip Advisor

The Old Oak

Holmer Green

Chip advice dated: 10 March 2020 - Hash #no 1552

Up down pub ranking

A vast array of taps, mainly of the fizz whizz variety.although upon closer inspection there were a couple of the hand pump brigade. Look away now Mick - Rebellion IPA and the Beer of the Month (Sin Bin, £3.60 - perhaps there'll be a Manu Tuilangi on sale before too long?), plus one other, I think (which I missed). So, not an massive range, but well-price and well-kept.
Not beer:
"Are you sure that's right?" Either a very bad, or a very good, opening to a conversation with a landlord...usually the former if Moose is involved (who has 'form' in this respect), but on this occasion, the incredulity was at being charged only £1 for a pint of L&S (although it was a mere 80p the previous time we visited in Sep-19...hyper limeflation?) Coke was £2.80, which isn't that bad for these parts.
[£30 per Ant] Delicate serving trays of chips along with matching trays of mini sausages, all of which went Missing in Action quicker than you could say Coronavirus. Oh, hadn't thought about the ethics of chip sharing during these darkened times...luckily hashers tend to prioritise food over everything else, so who cares?
Re Mick's Sep-19 write-up: "An open barn-style boozer which harks back to the 'through-lounge' craze of 70s housing, with no nice nooks or crannies...still, nice long bar and prompt, friendly service, so not bad for a drink if you're passing through." Fast forward to Mar-20, and nothing had changed interior decor-wise although with only 1 person serving (Coronavirus issues?) beer delivery was a tad slow...there again, Mick always gets back to the pub so early that queueing is never usually an issue for him!


Last time we were here, we commented upon the "open/shut/new management scenarios" re The Old Oak, and indeed, there has been another set of new owners in since Jan 2020.

Still, TripAdvisor reviews seem favourable - "Good food, great selection of drinks including local beer (Rebellion) and others for choice and a G & T menu too if that's your thing!" - and if they can put The Old Oak on a steady footing as a nice honest local boozer, more power to them!


No. Date Hare Details
157613/04/21Sarah & Speedbump
155210/03/20Sarah & Speedbump
152617/09/19Sarah & Speedbump
137622/11/16Sarah & Speedbump
133516/02/16Sarah & Speedbump