Chip Advisor

Nita's Burger Bar


Chip advice dated: 31 May 2016 - Hash #no 1350

Up down pub ranking

It’s a bit difficult to rate a ‘dry burger van’ on alcoholic beverages, but for one night only, Hawkeye’s Midsummer Lightening’s Dream appeared on tap for £1.50 a pint and went down very nicely indeed thanks. Obviously there was a lack of choice and at 4.5% it was nudging below the plimsoll line for some of our more demanding drinkers, but ’twas an experience forsooth.
Not beer:
No idea really - there were cans of coke and other soft drinks on the counter, probably cheaper than in a pub, but almost anywhere is cheaper than >£2.50 a pint which seems to be the norm in Bucks.
Nice touch having a burger van near a tied-up herd of cows - guess it cuts down on food miles?! Plenty of food to go round, although some of our regular trenchermen were not on hand to judge the quality of the chips, but judging by the empty plates, they were deemed acceptable. Shame about the lack of ketchup, although I do now know what ‘chipotle’ sauce tastes like.
Very friendly ‘burger ladies’ (if I may call them that), although the barman was bit grumpy, but that’s the Hawkeye that we know and….erm love? A unique setting down a track off Wood Lane, with plenty of parking, and had it been a nice evening, nice to sit out. As it was, those who couldn’t squeeze inside the gazebo had to sit outside in the cold drizzle, but hey, we’re hashers so we’re ‘ard [Sniff, cough….sound of a cold coming on]


Hummery: Film set catering comes to the hash…in preparation for the day when we star in our own Hash movie! And, when that day does eventually dawn, beer by Hawkeye and burgers by Nita will feature high up on the list of riders put down for our appearance fee.


Overheard on the hash (31st May 2016)

“To the Arboretum!” [Andy gets very rahh! and excited]

“I’ve got trees in my back garden - does that qualify me for an Arboretum?” [note - official definition = it is in a sense an outdoor museum of trees, a place where many varieties of trees are grown for research, educational, and ornamental purposes. So no Andy, your garden does not qualify]

“It’s alright Mum, I’ll carry your jacket for you…don’t you worry” [In a touching circle of life moment, Jess carries Roz’s jacket for her….and then offers to ‘stand guard’, whatever that might mean?!]

“Oops, that’ll be 86 back!”  [Alan drops an industrial-sized milk carton of flour on the trail]

“Is that a doughnut….or is it a flying saucer?” [Alan’s generous helpings of Homepride flour extend to some of the checks]

“5:30am! You’ve put me down to run for 30 mins at 5:30am on a Saturday morning?!” [Dick realises what he’s been signed up for] “It’s actually an hour you’ll be running for as I can’t make it so you’ll be doing mine as well” [Tash breaks the news gently to Dick]


Rogette’s Of The Week

“Where’s Sarah’s baby?”  [Roger enquires]“Over there, with Ant” [somebody points to a baby papoose strapped inside Ant’s red hashing jacket] “Is he really going to run like that?!”



No. Date Hare Details
135031/05/16Crazy & Steady
A BURGER RUN: from Nita's Burger Bar - down the muddy track