Chip Advisor

The Chequers Tree


Chip advice dated: 30 July 2019 - Hash #no 1519

Up down pub ranking

Ooh goody, four beer pumps..... but wait, two with their heads facing the wall. Drat, only two on. It got worse as, being a Greene King boozer, one of these was their watered down version of IPA. The other ale was Old Speckled Hen which was named somewhat strangely after a car but can often taste more like the chicken which it suggests the name comes from.
Not beer:
Usual story of cheap pump softies being foisted on the general public at prices which bear little resemblance to the cost of manufacture. L & S at £2.40 a pint (Boo), Cola & lemonade at £3.30 (Boo). Only redeeming factor was Aud's choccy which came in at £2.45 and was replete with floating sweet bits even if it did look a bit like a pavement pizza.
An eclectic mix of chips, small sausages and sausage rolls all served on rather strange paper tray like things. All in all though, a rather nice mixture to get ones laughing gear around with plenty of condiments and no need to wipe ones chops on ones sleeve as paper napkins where supplied.
Plenty of room in this sprawling boozer which was a plus but also a minus as it meant that the Hash were spread over a wider area than the GM likes when passing on his pearls of wisdom. A somewhat compact car park resulted in nearby roads being utilised, this without apparent problem


A part of Greene Kings ever expanding empire, the Chequers Tree is a fairly old pub which has been "modernised" somewhat at the expense of character. Large open plan interior loaded with the usual pub clutter and a wrap around bar sets the scene for those wanting an average pint in average surroundings. Noted for food, the comments of punters range between " lovely Sunday roast" and "Appalling, stale bread, raw prawns and bad mannered owner/manager". Perhaps only go in to eat on a Sunday?


No. Date Hare Details
159814/09/21Keyboard Ken
151930/07/19Judy & Mr Chips
134205/04/16Helles Belles & Ron