Chip Advisor

The Royal British Legion


Chip advice dated: 26 April 2016 - Hash #no 1345

Up down pub ranking

Ales a plenty with Hobgoblin, Malt Porter, Marstons Port Stout to name a few, and all at £3.15 a pint! (Mick 9/10) A bit unfortunate that the arrival of the hash was a day earlier than the arrival of the Beer Festival, so on the cask front the Hobgoblin (mediocre) was replaced by another microbrewery offering out front (on the cusp of being dodgy), whilst in the back, a whole treasure trove of beer was being shipped in. Frustrating! Still, the £3.15 a pint softened the blow. (Matt)
Not beer:
Really cheap L. & S. but no feedback as to quality (Mick 8/10) Pint of STD £0.95 not quite as cheap as Mick first thought - I checked when I went back to the Beer Festival the following evening! It was pronounced ‘OK’ by the tester (not me, I hasten to add!) (Matt 8/10)
Real chips or just bloody big bits of tater? Support crew included bits of pizza, sadly no veggie option, crisps, chicken thingies, doritos etc. What a spread but demolished in record time as usual by HWH3. (Mick 9/10) Huge spread, with pizza (spot the green chillies!), sausages and mini quiche to boot for the more effete members of the hash (that’s posh to you & me). (Matt 9/10)
Hall interior with comfortingly large bar enhanced by Phil & Co. rehearsing their jazz set (Mick) Bit tricky this - we were spoiled by having 2 live bands and there were a lot of us. Would you come for a drink here on your own? Maybe if you were a numismatist (medal collector) but with one big room there ‘aint no place to hide! Plenty of self-contained parking out front, a decent size bar, and galleried floor area all helped score plus points, as well as a friendly welcome for the Hounds - this is a pub for drinking and for live music. End of. (Matt 8/10)


Outside look of a warehouse which had closed for the evening and with an entrance which was as far as possible from the car park. However all was forgiven once inside and propped up against that well stocked, multi pumped bar! (Mick)

Where’s the entrance? Looking like the poor cousin of the Marlow Donkey just across the road, what the Legion lacks in charm it makes up for in the cold hard currency of hashing - beer & chips.(Matt)


Overheard on the hash (15th March 2016) 

“Are you sure you’ve got charged me enough?” [Tash at the bar] “Yup, it’s £4.20 love”  [Barman] Really, are you absolutely sure? [Tash still at the bar]  “Look just give me her change and put it towards 2 pints of Hobgoblin for me -  thanks [Voice behind Tash at bar]

I’ve run about 800 hashes you know, including one as a ghost [Gerry]

Can I be R2D2? Can I be C3PO? Can I be BOGOFF? [Alan & Simon try out their best comedy lines re the character allocation for the Murder Mystery Hash]  “No, but you can F-off in a minute!” [They receive short shrift from the organisers]

Have you seen how much I sweat? [Dick…to nobody in particular]

Check! Check it owwwwtttttt!” [Simon does his best Sergeant-Major impression]  “No” [Kitty replies] “Why not?” [Simon looks bemused]  “Because I know it’s down that alleyway”  “How come?"  “I saw it on my way back from school today”


Rogette’s Of The Week

“What we really want to know though, is where this Murder Mystery Hash is taking place? Come onnnn!” [Roger tries to get his own back by heckling from the floor]

“It’s on the website Roger - the place where you usually go to find out these sort of things”

“Oh, is it?” [Roger quietens down]


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