Chip Advisor

The Pheasant


Chip advice dated: 5 July 2016 - Hash #no 1355

Up down pub ranking

Only two on offer. Young's Very Ordinaire, taste OK but too weak to have any impact on a schoolboy, and Doombar which was fair but, as Doombar always is, bland.Prices reasonable at £3.70/£3.80
Not beer:
Reliably (or not) informed that the lime & soda was pretty good with more than the usual wave of the lime bottle over the glass.
A chip free zone although Mexican Des did buy up the entire UK stock of nachos in a great variety of flavours and kindly added pots of stuff to dip these in. Ariba, andalay!!!
Due to there being a darts match, the hash were split into two areas, the smaller of which was reminiscent of the tale of the Black Hole of Calcutta being very "snug" indeed.


A backwater boozer supposedly famous for black magic and/or a witches coven who used to meet here many years ago. A challenge to get into the small car park but there actually were customers - yes, and this on a Tuesday night!!


No. Date Hare Details
135505/07/16Mexican Des