Chip Advisor

The Three Horseshoes


Chip advice dated: 24 September 2019 - Hash #no 1528

Up down pub ranking

First of all, this is officially the closest pub to the Rebellion Brewery, just down the road at Marlow Bottom, so it should be no surprise that they had the full range on, from IPA (£4.00), to the monthly special Nose Dive (look away now Fat Boy!) to Roasted Nuts (£4.10..or was it £4.20?) This didn't especially please the resident Rebellion Beer Grinch (Mick), but he was mollified by some extra strength cider so awarded the beer an incredibly generous '8'. However, prices a tad on the top side, so as I'm in the chair, it's a Len from me ('7'!)
Not beer:
Lime & Soda £1.60, Coke was £3.00 ish (on the Roger countback technique (pint of Rebellion + pint of Coke was over £7.00), no idea re hot choccys...etc.
An abundant supply of chips, plenty of sauces - top notch! There were also Rock Cakes flying around (courtesy of some Rock Cake challenge - no idea who won?) and although those don't form part of the Chips rating, thought it was worth mentioning here.
Per Mick: "Very welcoming, classy interior, plenty of space. Only downers were steps; trip hazards for the inebriated and the usual demand to park down the road." Hmm...when a pub gets marked down for having steps, not sure that's within the scope of the hashalator?! However, the large rear room/area we took over had the advantage of not being able to hear Roger depending upon where you sat...which is probably worth an extra point to a fair few hashers?


Perhaps 'The 3 Horseshoes' should be renamed 'Simon's 3 hashes' since he's set his last three from here...more or less identical courses as well! However, consistency is not something to be sniffed at - The 3 Horseshoes serves consistently good beer with a warm welcome each time for the (inevitably) muddy and sweaty hashers who proceed to take over their pub. Not sure whether being so close to the Rebellion Brewery is a blessing or a curse, but at least the beer is always fresh and the food is much better!


No. Date Hare Details
160028/09/21Wing Co
156322/09/20Wing Co
152824/09/19Wing Co
149222/01/19Wing Co & Wing Co
145615/05/18Wing Co
135428/06/16Sooper & Wing Co