Chip Advisor

A car park

Coombe Hill

Chip advice dated: 19 July 2016 - Hash #no 1357

Up down pub ranking

Only two ales. Tring Sidepocket which was declared by Stadler & Paul to have a good taste but is oh so weedy at 3.6%, and Oxford Gold at £4 a pint. Stadler & I were unluck enough to get "between barrel" pints which were as hazy as a Glaswegians memory after a night on the Irn Bru & whisky.
Not beer:
Hawkeye was miserably clutching a pint of coke due to unknown reasons. At £2.50 not the biggest rip off ever seen by HWH3 but not cheap either.
Not vast quantities but they were real chips - man sized hunks of spud with the skins still on, well done and right tasty particularly when the ketchup turned up to drown 'em in.
We elected to sit out in the nice beer garden as it was still a zillion degrees. Plenty of decent benches and no interference from other customers.


A country boozer with an unfeasibly small car park replete with a bloomin great telegraph pole which further restricts attempts to park. Inside, a cheerful govenor animatedly talking to his 4 customers over a well scrubbed bar counter. One wonders whether the Russell Arms will soon be joining the loooong list of pub casualties.


No. Date Hare Details
135719/07/16Doormat & Happy Feet