Chip Advisor

The Dumb Bell

Chalfont St Peter

Chip advice dated: 12 December 2017 - Hash #no 1433

Up down pub ranking

Doombar, Pride Courage Best/(Worst) - delete as necessary, on offer. All of these were well kept and at a good temperature considering the freezing weather. However, the sight of Hawkeye staggering, mumbling towards the bar with staring eyes, slack jawed and gazing glassy eyed at his minimal change having been charged an eye watering £4.30 a pint for the Pride did detract a great deal from the reasonable quality of the ale.
Not beer:
L & S very reasonable at an estimated £1.20 a pint, this based on the landlords head scratching and finger counting. The brown fizz, however, by the same method came in at £3.50! The hot choc machine had been switched off and apparently couldn't be resurrected so a turgid looking coffee was all that was on offer in that department.
Small bowls of small, nondescript chips together with a ketchup bottle which promised much but was actually empty. Soon consumed by the frozen pioneers, the only saving grace was that they were FOC.
With only 14 brave or foolhardy hashers attending it was never going to be wonderful. The pub did, however, have the welcoming atmosphere of either an undertakers front office or a pox doctors waiting room. Footie on telly for the three other customers a minor bonus.


The Dumb Bell is in a strange location, well out of Chalfont St. Giles and situated on a cliff overlooking the M.25. With few houses within spitting distance, it is perhaps a little surprising that it is not now a Chinese/Thai/Indian restaurant or has been put to some other purpose. The landlord, a relative of Richard Turpin given the beer & cola prices, seems never to have heard of salting the car park as his remains the most lethal on the hash circuit. So, either a summer venue or bring along the splints and bandages!  


No. Date Hare Details
137806/12/16Steady & Crazy
129923/06/15Steady & Crazy
118514/05/13Crazy & Steady