Chip Advisor

The Grenfell Arms


Chip advice dated: 27 September 2016 - Hash #no 1368

Up down pub ranking

[Mick] Four ales on tap, Ascot Posh Pooch (quaffability per Matt), Mad Squirrel Milk Stout, Old Golden Hen and the luscious XT16. All safely over the plimsoll line, well kept and £3.70 a pint. XT16 at 6% superb but better if I had drunk it all rather than dispensing it over the table,my trousers et al!! 9/10 [Matt] Have to agree with my esteemed colleague here; there was a great range of beers here, the only pity being that 2 of them had just gone off before we arrived. Still, we managed to see most of the remaining 4 barrels off in good order, with no complaints heard from the grumbling masses....which in itself is a minor miracle!
Not beer:
[Mick] Standard coke (Wot no large Rum!!) at £2 with a pint at £2.50. Reasonable value. Must try a straight coke one day ........................ perhaps not!! 6/10. [Matt] Didn't catch the L&S price, so reckon Mick might have undermarked this slightly...but as he'll readily admit, he doesn't do soft!
[Mick] Medium trays of yummins chippins with lashings of dips, very well supported by garlic bread, sausages and scampi. What a blow out!! Another calorific disaster but oh so nice!! [Matt] Burp!!!
[Mick] HWH3 invaded the restaurant which was a pleasant room but perhaps a bit under sized for the job with a good deal of our esteemed number vertically placed 7/10 [Matt] To be fair, a number of us were standing in order to get closer to the grub, and to present a human wall to prevent Mike chip-hopping from plate to plate, so there was adequate seating. The nice expansive square bar was appreciated, as was the prompt service, and the 'library' look of the room - rather too cultured for our lot I thought. Parking was a tad constricted, unless you were a white van driver who mounted the pavement and tried to create his own space. Luckily Sooper Cooper's interpersonal and valet parking skills were both called upon to defuse the situation. That's why he's called Sooper! 8/10


A back street ale house on the Bray road - land of the riverside gin palace, occupied by many rich and famous "celebs" including Rolf Harris before he relocated to HMP. A rolling stock of great beer with NO Rebellion, food well rated but undersized in the car parking department. Handily placed for both the cheaper end of the market along the A.4 and the "Ya Dahling" set towards the aforementioned Bray. 


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