Chip Advisor

Mad Squirrel Tap and Bottle Shop

High Wycombe

Chip advice dated: 17 December 2019 - Hash #no 1540

Up down pub ranking

With the vast choice of ales on offer, the only problem one has at this pleasure emporium is what to choose. With 15% group discount, the feeling of well being is further enhanced. Yes, some of the stronger beer is a bit pricey but it is all a quality quaff guaranteed to produce a door mat chest for the gents, but not of course for our lovely Hashettes!
Not beer:
A bit difficult this as the Mad Squirrel, concentrating as it should on the deliver of liquid throat charmers, doesn't do draft brown fizz or pints of L & S. Bottled cola is available at a weighty £3 as are a range of other softies. A decent choccy can be had for £2 although it doesn't come fully loaded.
Ah well, as previously, the deep fat fryer has not put in an appearance at the M.S. A shame but the garlic pizza bread was both tasty and plentiful thanks to our Hare. A large supply of Xmas biscuits, cakes, celebrations et al made sure all went home well stuffed.
A superb venue for the usual collection of oddly dressed Hashers, surely topped off by Conehead's Xmas parcel ensemble, to gather after another fairly brief up and down run around Wycombe for the absolutely essential post Hash bonhomie & getting mullered on the ale. Just need the installation of an escalator to avoid negotiating the stairs with the risk of spillage of precious ale!


Another Xmas trip into Wycombe with it's fairly drab High Street, underwhelming market complete with iffy food stalls peddling nosh from everywhere from Tierra Del Fuego to Muckle Flugga. Argos still boarded up, deep joy! The wife heading to Card Factory to buy another cheap & nasty card for yet another vague acquaintance. Casting a longing glance when passing Wetherspoons we suddenly arrive at the beerhalla known as The Mad Squirrel and suddenly the spirits are lifted and all seems right with the World once again. Send 'er indoors to get her card & fill yer beer boots!!  


No. Date Hare Details
It's Xmash!
Xmas Fancy Dress Hash
The Christmas Fancy Dress Hash
138020/12/16Scribbler & Mr Eager
Christmas fancy dress & kids' run