Chip Advisor

Farnham Common Sports Club

Farnham Common

Chip advice dated: 28 February 2017 - Hash #no 1391

Up down pub ranking

The good news was that Hawkeye got the 1 beer increased to 2. The bad news was that the standard beer was Rebellion IPA - Indisputably Poor Ale? and the additional ale Sharp's Blandbar (Doombar). The redeeming factor, if there was one was that the ersatz beer from Rebellion was £2.50, whilst the Doombar weighed in at £3.50.
Not beer:
Ah, club prices. Now we are in the money! With L & S at 80p, a can of cola at £1.20 and Aud's choc fix at £1.50, there were only smiley faces from the softaholics.
Plenty of quantity, timely & well delivered in decent sized bowls. Not nuclear in temperature and with paper plates and napkins as well as condiments a plenty. Not, however, from perhaps the best potato in the field but pretty damn tasty.
A sports & social club boasting more tellies than customers until we arrived. A decent welcome but the hashmosphere was never going to rise above tepid given the surroundings. No 25 minute Roger Special a definite bonus?


A typical one storey sprawling building with more corridors than the Houses of Parliament, confusing signs surrounding the relationship between the toilets and exits - Barney, Aud and I actually resorted to using the fire exit to escape. Neat, clean and tidy and, as Hawkeye pointed out, an excellent venue to slip off to and watch the footy whilst the Other Half thinks that you are mowing the lawn. 


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