Chip Advisor

The White Hart

Whelpley Hill

Chip advice dated: 27 June 2017 - Hash #no 1408

Up down pub ranking

OK, with just one beer on at £3.90 (Sundial Golden Ale, 3.8%, from Haresfoot Brewery over at Berkhampstead - good job Mick wasn’t here!), my hands are somewhat tied on the scoring front. There was another beer which had just gone off (brewed from somewhere over near Sarratt) so top marks for sourcing local ales….would just be nice if they’d sourced a few more! Still, very refreshing after a very quick, very muggy, very soggy hash, so it was much appreciated…and with a fair old drive back to Wycombe, good job it wasn’t too strong!
Not beer:
Might have to retro-fill this in….didn’t hear any excessive whinging from Hawkeye, so let’s say a ‘6’ for now, and we’ll update later eh?
Behold the vase of chips! A brilliant invention, complete with multiple condiments in their own bespoke bowls (much to Alex’s delight). What’s more, we were few in number (and more importantly, Mike was missing), so we could happily play a game of chip jenga (yup, they were that big!) and still have lots left over.
"I promise you there's no mud". After last week's 'flat-tish' hash, this sounded like another hare-brained promise from a distinctly soggy and a rather un-Mexican Des. But you know what, despite the torrential rain, there wasn't - a truthful hare, now there's a first! 15 million bricks (apparently), a quintessential cricket pitch (match rained off, obviously!) and plenty of leafy lanes later we were back at the pub which didn’t look like much in the fading, gloomy summer light….but at least it was dry. As usual, the hash took over the pub - it was a good job we were numerically depleted as there wasn’t much space by the bar - but at least we had excellent service from the 2 barmaid angels…first time I’ve been offered table service by the barmaid coming to me and asking if I’d like another drink…has to be worth a point at least!


Not the most prepossessing of pubs from the outside, with a rough gravel car park at the rear, looking like something out of Scraphead Challenge (complete with its own boat for sale - £300 at the last time of asking!). Snug and cosy inside though, with low beams and a proper fireplace, a pair of lovely barmaids and a very quaffable ale with a focus on local sourcing. (the beer that is, not the barmaids….maybe I should double-check though…just in case?!)


No. Date Hare Details
140827/06/17Mexican Des