Chip Advisor

The Green Man


Chip advice dated: 25 April 2017 - Hash #no 1399

Up down pub ranking

Very nice drop of Young's Special at a reasonable £3.60 a jug together with Doombar which Mr. Chips waxed lyrical about - perhaps he's part Cornish!! GK's ropey IPA also on offer, this according to the landlord for locals who drink 5 barrels of the crap a week! Some weird people in Prestwood!! [Matt] Young’s Special 5% done! Need I say more? OK, there could have been more choice on tap (for some reason, there was an old ‘Blackboard of Beer’ which hadn’t been touched for a long time!), but at least what was on there was very good. However, I’ve had to downgrade Mick’s ‘happy 8’ down to a more parsimonious ‘7’ as a result - Len would have approved!
Not beer:
Sarah wasn't happy about lobbing out two coins of the realm for a pint of L & S, and with the brown fizzy stuff at £2.50, the Green Man wasn't exactly a bargain stop for the softies. Aud enjoyed the usual lightening dispatch of a hot choc but couldn't comment on the price. [Matt] Probably because I bought Aud’s hot choc for her (auto-correct keeps wanting me to put ‘hot chic’!!!) after considerable negotiation with the barman, “I don’t know…but I’ll have a try at making one!”.
Ah now, Houston we have a problem! Either no kitchen or no staff to man the deep fat fryer so NO CHIPS. Judy & Mr.Chips did their best to fill the void with piles of french bread with rock hard butter,cheese, mini sausage rolls and some chocolate bits. Hawkeye, like some mad scientist, trying to encourage butter onto the bread by a number of means was a fun moment. [Matt] Ah, Mick’s ‘butter sandwich’ will live long in the hashing memory - at least he kept everything cool by keeping his car boot open during the whole of the hash. What….you mean that wasn’t intentional?
When Mr. Chips said "we have a room all to ourselves" what he forgot to impart was that it was a tad on the titchy side. Given the great turnout, it was reminiscent of the Black Hole of Calcutta with chairs at a premium and the landlords dogs always looking to be fell over. [Matt] At least it made the ‘Great Hash T-shirt unveiling’ into a special, unrepeatable event (not to be forgotten by the two regulars propping up the bar). What can I say - would you ever come here on your own? No.


Having spotted the dreaded "Pubmaster" sign on the outside of the somewhat scruffy looking boozer, I feared the worst. This is a pub company which specialises in poor quality tenanted houses, often in less than scenic locations. With a car park the size of a fluff filled belly button and the aforementioned external appearance, it was of no surprise that the customer base on the night numbered precisely one. However, a decent welcome, very well kept ale and an eclectic list of ales to come on stream meant that The Green Man was a better experience than first sight promised.   


No. Date Hare Details
139925/04/17Mr Chips & Judy