Chip Advisor

The Bricklayers Arms


Chip advice dated: 2 May 2017 - Hash #no 1400

Up down pub ranking

[Mick] Rebellion's usually acceptable Roasted Nuts on offer. Only problem(s) were that it was as flat as Twiggy's frontage and also that it ran out early on in proceedings. Indescribably Pathetic Ale also on offer but not a tipple for anyone who enjoys a drink at above lemonade strength. [Matt] Well, on the upside it was only £3.60 a pint and.....ok, that was the upside.
Not beer:
[Mick] Reasonably priced, limey lime & soda and the cola was also theoretically decent value at £1.60 a pint. However, those of the soft persuasion reckoned that the brown stuff was from either an Eastern Bloc country or Burkina Faso as it definitely was not pukka coke/pepsi.[Matt] Sarah reckoned it was 'Panda' cola, that stuff that dodgy corner shops used to sell by the crate, probably with a spot of anti-freeze added for good measure. £1 L&S was the upside.
[Mick] Largely incinerated black misshapen offerings which looked like they were left over from yesterday week and had been through the fryer a number of times. Either that or there had been a fire in the kitchen and the chips had been used to damp it down. [Matt] Heston would have been proud - rather than 3-times cooked chips, this must have been at least 9-times, or else the scrapings from the last 5 lunchtimes. I don't think I've ever seen chips go so slowly, and plates left untouched. Having said that Tim (Nice Butt) did do a splendid mine-sweeping job in Mike's absence...could be some competition on the horizon for Mr Chips! Upside: a ketchup bowl the size of a small paddling pool.....and erm, that's about it - not sure it's possible to rank the chips. Let's just say that Roger's doggy treats looked more appetising....cow's aorta and chips anybody?
[Mick] A throw back to the 60's with lumpy plaster walls, fake beams, toilets from the Munster household with a large blob of plumbers mate holding the much stained cistern together with the help of some plastic cable ties. Oh, and wobbly chairs ...... did I mention the toilets? [Matt] I'm still looking for positives: it was large inside (somebody likened it to a Tardis)....hang on, bear with, bear with.....a couple of comfy leather sofas were scattered around the place....hang on, hang on....nope, that's it - I'm done here.


A rough and not very ready village centre boozer sporting a very small car park, this seemingly already booked by locals and, hence, as easy to park in as it is to sort out a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. Definitely a throw back to days of yore when decor was not a recognised part of the English language, punters only wanted to get legless on whatever "beer" was on offer and catering meant a bag of crisps. Unsurprisingly, no mention of a food hygiene rating and a Trip Advisor score which needs to be whispered quietly so as not to scare the kids.  


No. Date Hare Details
154628/01/20Nice Butt & Gary
140002/05/17Whipping Boy