Chip Advisor

The Walnut Tree

Bourne End

Chip advice dated: 16 May 2017 - Hash #no 1402

Up down pub ranking

3 decent ales on tap. Windsor & Eton Guardsman, Bellhaven Wembley 67 & GK's Ale Fresco. Also available Gk's unmentionable IPA. Whilst the Bellhaven was very quaffable, the £4.10 ticket did take away a little of the enjoyment factor. However, this is Bourne End - not cheap thy knows!
Not beer:
Another example of cash extraction, or daylight robbery to be more exact, in respect of the softies. Soda with a wave of lime at £2, cola at £3.20 and Lemonade at an even more eye watering £3.25. All this cash for chemicals our of a mixer pump. Come on now.
Shiny chrome bowls, paper dressing, big and chunky probably at least twice cooked cheffy chips which were geometrically perfect and very tasty. So what's your problem? Well it was quantity. The Stonehenge style standing chip presentation partly disguised the fact that there really weren't many prompting an "after you" attitude rarely seen at an HWH3 chip grab.
Occupying the up market restaurant area was, on the whole a pleasant experience. A fancily decorated room, complete with the add on and completely unrelated bric a brac formerly often seen cluttering up the shelves & window sills of Beefeater and other food emporiums. However, comfortable, cosy and somewhere where Roger would not frighten off the locals.


A "foodie" style Greene King house, well rated by the locals in need of a blow out and who are not averse to emptying their pockets to pay for the experience. The Walnut Tree(s) dates from the 1800's with beams a plenty ( unfortunately plastered with white paint) and a wonky chimney. The inside is a somewhat strange mix of the old - bar area, and new - fancy resto which seems to hit the spot with well heeled Bourne Endians who think that anything less than £30 for a bottle of Viognier is an absolute bargain. Yeah Baby! 


No. Date Hare Details
101718/05/10Truly Scrumptious