Chip Advisor

The Old Queen's Head


Chip advice dated: 8 January 2019 - Hash #no 1490

Up down pub ranking

The Abbott Ale was a very decent drop but so it should have been at £4.40 a pint! Ruddles County very fair according to those who imbibed this brew but again, at £4.20, a tad pricey. Also on offer GK's IPA gnats p. Even that almost alcohol free "ale" topped out at £4.
Not beer:
Whilst the L & s was a smiley £1.40 a pint according to the bar staff, Keyboard insisted it was far more expensive - a quandry then. Cola dispensed in small bottles at £2 a go meaning that a filled pint pot would cost an exorbitant £4 plus. Lemonade £2.20, again for a small measure.
A seemingly plentiful supply of small tin tubs of twiglet sized chips were dispensed, those anywhere near Mr.Chips doing a rapid disappearing act. Quite tasty but, on a cold evening, a more solid sized variety of chippings which stick to your ribs was perhaps called for. [Matt] £52 paid! I'm afraid I'm going to have to pour cold water on Mick's original score of '7', which would be fair were the chips reasonably priced or if the pub was prepared to do a deal. They weren't - on both counts. It was 'Take it or Leave it!' according to Legover. So, £52 for a smattering of trendy little silver buckets seems more like a 3 or 4 to me.
With loads of character, beams, nooks & crannies, flagstone floors, a snug, a wood burner somewhere, the OQH has a fair bit going for it. Difficult, however, to accommodate our vast throng in one area and seating somewhat at a premium. Also, customers on a Tuesday! What a liberty!!


Reputedly dating back to 1666, the OHQ surveys all it sees from it's envied corner position in Penn. No Marks & Sparks suits here or offerings from Shoe Zone, this is the land of Laboutin or Jimmy Choo footwear & Saville Row suits. With it's somewhat awkwardly shaped car park, this establishment, picturesque as it is, performs a first class pocket emptying service for anyone daring to visit without their titanium bank card.   


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