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The Bull & Butcher


Chip advice dated: 13 June 2017 - Hash #no 1406

Up down pub ranking

[Matt] Not cheap, but then in Vicar of Dibley-shire, you wouldn’t expect anything else would you? Oxford Gold & Brakspear’s both £4, with the ‘fizzy, bubbly stuff’ (as ordered under his breath by ‘Nice Butt’ at the bar before turning to me and exclaiming ‘it’s not for me…it’s for somebody else!’) started at £4.40 and presumably worked its way upwards. Oh, and a pint of the cider evidently returned not much change from £5.00…..or rather 10p change, so work that one out for yourselves math geniuses! Well kept though and promptly served.
Not beer:
There was the inevitable confusion here….as usual caused by Jo who’d ‘blagged’ an upgrade; she reckoned it was £1.10 for a pint of L&S (not bad, especially round these parts), whereas Aud got stung for £1.10 for a half-pin (that was referring to the L&S by the way, and was in no way a comment on Aud’s stature!). Anyway, the motto should be ‘Go Large on L&S’ because that’s not the first time that’s happened. Didn’t catch Ken and Hawkeye wasn’t there so his usual grumbles (a good sign of the price of Diet Coke) went unheard and unheeded.
Must admit, I would have been quite happy to give this one a ’10’ - beautifully presented on a wooden board outside, with sliced brown bread, a whole block of butter (which has to be a first for the hash…..very Home Counties!), chips, onion rings, and copious amounts of sausage rolls (not quite so Home Counties but very welcome indeed!) However, the consensus around the table (read Cockers) was that there was no ‘chilli dipping sauce’ or ‘handcarved flower accompaniments’. I must say this was a tad harsh, given that Cockers’ spread a fortnight ago was Thai-based and hence replete with the afore-mentioned sauces and decorations. I guess, given relatively limited numbers and the absence of some of our ‘hungrier’ hashers, the quantities could have been slightly larger….but we’re quibbling now…aren’t we Cockers?!
A glorious summer’s evening in a pub garden in God’s own hashing country….doesn’t get much better than that, does it? One of the iconic pubs in Bucks (see Dibley, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…etc), this could well have disappeared up its own backside in gastro-chic, but retains a friendly local atmosphere at reasonable prices given the location. Plenty of pub car parking, but if not, there’s always room down the road, friendly bar staff, and a decent-sized pub garden to accommodate the summer overflow….


“Did I ever tell you about the time the pub completely ran out of crisps?”….no, no, don’t worry, it didn’t…merely one of the only relevant quotes I could find from the Vicar of Dibley which was filmed round here (although “Sorry I’m late. Sheep exploded.”, would be a great excuse for missing the start of the hash!). So, a movie-star pub, which serves up a Hollywood feast, but with Riviera-type beer prices - all in all though, an iconic location in God’s own hashing country


No. Date Hare Details
140613/06/17Budgie & Crab
102008/06/10The Blonde