Chip Advisor

The Old Five Bells


Chip advice dated: 1 August 2017 - Hash #no 1413

Up down pub ranking

Well kept and priced Abbott assisted by Chris Moyles Amplified Ale which seemed to get a general thumbs up from those who quaffed it. Pleased to note that the IPA had run out or had merely been taken off to save embarasement
Not beer:
Aud purchased 2 pints of L & S at 70p each from the landlady but I think this half of the management had been on a personal stock sampling and was, as a result, somewhat hiccius doccius. Jo reported a more believable price of £1.20. Fully loaded hot choc came in at £2.50 - not bad.
With 10 pie type large dishes of well cooked Mc.Cains specials, loads of condiments, napkins and no Mr. Chips to hoover up, the chips should have rated at 9. However, with a price tag greater than the national debt of Muckle Flugga ,this extracted from yours truly by a scam which would make Philip Green jealous, regrettably a down grade is inescapable. There was a surfeit though and right nice too.
Sat outside partly due to the evening being pretty decent and partly due to the semi sozzled landlady's insistence on operating a 9pm curfew on children. Decent garden however with plenty of seating and handily placed for the car park.


A characterful, beam laden Greene King pub/restaurant scenically positioned down a cul de sac off the High Street. Facing the Church, there is little parking out front. Selling typical GK grub and ales, it has supposedly been much improved by the latest management couple. Having suffered a triple shuffle chip scam resulting in a call to Mark Carney & a bail out from the GM, however, all that can be said is that if the two iffy people running the pub are an improvement one wonders as to the calibre of the former incumbents. 


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