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The Mad Squirrel


Chip advice dated: 7 August 2018 - Hash #no 1468

Up down pub ranking

Unsurpassed range (which I'll come to in a second) but prices have crept up significantly. I say crept, maybe I mean rampaged - the session ale, Hopfest, was £3.50 last time we visited a year or so ago, now it's £3.90. So, that's the point for the range: Flying Squirrel (4.4%) £4.50 - Pilsner Hopfest (3.8%) £3.90 - Pale Ale Sumo (4.8%) £4.30 - American Pale Ale (I only tried this one...twice! It was very very good!) Peachy 5th (4.2%) £4.80 - Fruit beer Quipsters (5.4%) £4.95 - Belgian Wit Puckerberry (3.9%) £4.20 - Berliner Weisse Pulp Fiction (4.6%) £3.90 - cider De La Nut (4.5%) £4.6 - stout Mister Squirrel (4.0%) £3.00 - cask bitter Resolution (4.2%) £3.90 - case golden ale London Porter (5.0%) £3.60 - porter Raspberry Blonde (4%) £3.80 - blonde ale Lily the Pink (4.5%) £3.80 - cider Old Man Hicky (5.2%) - cider There. 'Nuff said!
Not beer:
Coffees £1.80 espresso through to £2.80 Mocha. Didn't get the L&S price or the coke price..but since neither Ken nor Hawkeye was here, that didn't matter too much
I shall have to assume a PE (Pizza Equivalent) chip score; the end of a crust I tasted was very tasty, but either the portions were small or such were our numbers that I didn't see sight nor sound of any more.
Although the evening started off 'wet', it ended up dry enough to sit outside on the German Oktoberfest-style benches...and to proceed to get 'wet' in a more enjoyable fashion (as in drinking beer!). So very convivial when dry, but if it had carried on raining, we'd have been stuck in a rather more industrial shop-front...not quite the quaint Chiltern hostelries we've become accustomed to!


The Mad Squirrel continues to surf the enthusiasm of the British public for the Craft Beer revival, and with 14 beers on draft, that's a lot of surfing to be done! Don't be fooled by appearances - a fluorescent-lit modern shop front at the end of a similarly non-descript parade of retail outlets doesn't exactly scream 'Great Beer Location!', especially in the leafy environs of Amersham. But it is and it does exactly what it says it does, serving very good beer...albeit at posh Bucks rather than grittier urban prices!


No. Date Hare Details
146807/08/18Judy & Mr Chips
141912/09/17Judy & Mr Chips