Chip Advisor

The George & Dragon

Princes Risborough

Chip advice dated: 17 October 2017 - Hash #no 1425

Up down pub ranking

Our Hare pre warned that the beer "wasn't very good" but actually the Sharp's Atlantic was a very decent pint. Also, plenty of elbow lifting support for the very hoppy Citra from amongst our number. The rather bland Doombar on offer as well.
Not beer:
With L & S at a quid a pint, hot choccy at two quid a mug and cola of some description at two and a half quid a pint, the soft brigade were pretty chuffed with no complaints being noted.
Smallish bowls of skinny chips were the order of the day. These had to be attacked en masse if one was to obtain a satisfying gob full. Some were conveniently stuck together which aided this process greatly.
Decent interior which somewhat passed me by on two counts. Firstly, the atrocious service due to the single bar person having to waitress the chips leaving a queue of thirsty customers gazing glassy eyed at the unattended pumps. Secondly, the amusing running commentary of the Carlisle/Wycombe match culminating in Moose's fist pumping response to a late equaliser.


Apparently the George & Dragon is a very old coaching inn. It is handily placed in the High Street, although a wet walk from the car park on an inclement evening. A neat, tidy and pleasant interior is complemented by "character rooms" the availability of which could be useful unless more than one double hatted bar person is employed when customer numbers reach double figures!


No. Date Hare Details
Run from the Mount Car Park, Princes Risborough, HP27 0AA