Chip Advisor

The Spindle And Thread

High Wycombe

Chip advice dated: 14 January 2020 - Hash #no 1544

Up down pub ranking

Although there were a veritable forest of 8 hand pumps, scandalously only one actually had beer! This was Marston’s Christmas Every Day. Obviously an effort to shift the remaining Xmas beer, it was mediocre to poor being pretty tasteless & as thin as a size 6 model on a diet. A keg ale was available and might have been a better bet even at a low 3.8%.
Not beer:
Bit of a strange one only seen in these types of “resto:boozers” whereby cola, lemonade etc. can be bought as either a single drink or, for a smallish premium, refillable at no further cost. With L & S at a reasonable £1.50 a pint, and assuming the one off prices of £2.35 for Pepsi & lemonade (£3.20 refillable), no at all bad. Hot choc was £2.00 for a no frills cuppa but they didn’t have any on the night.
Whilst the chips were more likely from a great big bag than hand made beauties and the sausage rolls were extremely pallid, this was a good spread. The aforementioned chips and s.r’s were backed up by scampi & chicken nuggets. Many thanks to our Hares for much needed fuel after a good soaking!
A barn of a place resembling a cross between Brewers Fare & Hungry Horse. Given the weather it was predictably empty and, in common with these type of establishments, totally lacking in atmosphere being a food hall with drinks rather than a pub. A forest of empty seats preceded our reserved corner, the only feature of interest being the pictures which were shaped to go round corners.


Just past Morrison’s, and presumably built to provide the foreseen need for cheap grub from the huge new Hughenden Quarter, the Spindle & Thread is as disappointing as most new build establishments of this type are.

However, let’s not get too downhearted, at the rate at which traditional boozers are disappearing, isn’t it nice to see a new watering hole spring up even if the beer needs a radical rethink or the number of hand pumps needs a swift reduction to avoid hope dashing.


No. Date Hare Details
154414/01/20Helles Belles & Ron