Chip Advisor

The Chequers

Old Amersham

Chip advice dated: 9 May 2017 - Hash #no 1401

Up down pub ranking

The crowd of young footballers clutching their frosted glasses whilst watching the Champions League semi-final on the big screen tv’s was a warning sign that all might not be well on the drinks front…..not a complete disahhhhster as it turned out, but nothing to write home about. There were 2 ales on - Abbot and Brakspear, with only the former having any ‘oomph’ whatsoever, and even then the ‘oomph’ (such as it was) was well hidden behind a flat as a pancake veneer. So, more ‘hmmph than ‘oomph’ with not much change from a fiver. All served in very interesting Marston pint glasses though, with etchings of elephants, hop pickers and a rather serve person which we presumed was Mr.Marston….maybe he’d had to pay over £4 for a flat pint of Abbots as well?
Not beer:
£1.50 L&S which was ‘acceptable’ according to Jo, whilst Aud was making eyes at the barman in the hope of a hot choccy, and Ken was making eyes at just about anybody….in the hope of goodness knows what….oh, that would be a diet coke then, wouldn’t it?
Well, The Chequers checked out here - what a spread! Having committed the cardinal error of sitting next to ‘Mr Chips’ when the food was laid out, I can report that even he was defeated on this auspicious evening (9th May 2017 - write it down please!) when we were treated to cocktail sausages, sausage rolls and proper mini roast potatoes….and I mean proper proper ones! Gotta be a 10 almost for that alone?!
Well, the hash makes its own atmosphere, we know that much by now, even though we were funnelled into the narrow rear section of the pub, you know, the bit right by the toilet (so as not to obscure the viewing of the good sportsmen at the front) wee were all perfectly contented [see ‘Food’ above!]. Very friendly welcome by the landlady who proceeded to photograph us from all angles, well mainly from the front, but in our new colourful ensemble of red fleeces, blue t-sheets, and neon orange lettering, we probably resembled a rather large flamboyant peacock and no Roger, I wasn’t referring specifically about you…although on 2nd thoughts, maybe I was?!


From the outside, very ye oldie worldie - just follow the gothic signs for ‘Ambers of Amersham’ and you end up at The Chequers. Inside though, it’s a case of ‘ye olde’ (low beams, white washed walls) meets ‘ye newe’ (flat screen tvs on the walls and a pool table pride of place next to the bar).  Apparently, when a pub is named ‘chequer’ it’s because the bar once provided banking services, with the chequed board used as an aid for counting and hence the origin of the word ‘exchequer’… in ‘money-grabbing-chancellor’….as in ‘not-much-change-from-a-fiver-for-a-pint’. Just saying!


No. Date Hare Details
159524/08/21Judy & Mr Chips
140109/05/17Pink Panter & Sarah
123622/04/14Mr Chips & Judy
118223/04/13Mr Chips & Judy
115723/10/12Mr Chips & Judy