Chip Advisor

The Squirrel


Chip advice dated: 15 October 2019 - Hash #no 1531

Up down pub ranking

As usual at this venue, only two ales on offer. Won't mention the Rebellion IPA which is so weak that it wouldn't get your Grandmother tiddly but the other ale, Hobgoblin, was a right nice drop, a flavoursome quaffer which was well enjoyed
Not beer:
Whilst the L & S, although still not too pricey, had risen 25% from our last visit, Keyboard, after rummaging through his change then double checking it, declared that the cola was £3.10 a pint. Other softs a similar price and positively no hot choccy!
For the third week running a massive supply of chippings hove into view. " You've got two bowls - but your bowl is bigger than our two" - a complaint or merely an observation made! They were comfortingly large,superbly cooked, the only slight downer being the paucity of ketchup.
Despite the cozy bar, or blooming small whichever description is your preference, the pub has a large dining conservatory which, although somewhat bereft of character, meant that plenty of seating was available. Somewhat insulated from the huddle at the bar, it was a fairly pleasant place to be with direct access from the kitchen for the chips. Decent car park with plenty of alternatives on the adjacent roads.


Sitting betwixt the woods and large indifferent housing sprawl, the Squirrel looks, and is, twee apart from the modern, but necessary, added dining room. Well rated for its culinary delights, whilst the bar is small, the gents lavatorial facilities can only euphemistically be described as small. Here, three is a crowd and friendships or otherwise can easily be made due to close proximity. Careful aim is required and perhaps they should consider installing the Swiss system of a porcelain fly centred in the bowls to ensure accuracy!


No. Date Hare Details
159203/08/21IGSH & SWMBO
You need to be nuts
The Hash Formerly Known As The Brexit Hash (THFKATBH)
144927/03/18IGSH & BigFoot