Chip Advisor

The Plough

Winchmore Hill

Chip advice dated: 3 July 2018 - Hash #no 1463

Up down pub ranking

Pride was mediocre although, in mitigation, it is probably difficult to keep in current heatwave. Only other offering was Ringwood (Marstons) Razor Back, this liked by Mr.Chips.A new Hash record I believe though with a scandalous price tag of £4.65 a pint. Early evening robbery!!
Not beer:
More bad news. Cola at a staggering £4 a pint whilst L & S, switched to by Keyboard to avoid financial meltdown, still came in at an unhealthy £2.50. Not surprising therefore that the customers in the bar numbered precisely two.
No chips but instead "authentic" pizzas. Thanks to Maggie the last couple of slices found there way into the bar for consumption whilst undertaking the essential duty of watching England play out extra time & actually win a penalty shoot out! Rocky road superb as ever.
Given the weather most, apart from those interested in the footie, took up station on the patio outside the pub. Nice area with not too many footsteps to the bar to have ones pocket emptied. Decent car park a beam laden main bar completed matters.


The Plough used to be owned by Barbara Windsor and her very dodgy fella, who found himself occupying another venue at Her Majesty's pleasure. Reopened after a period of closure, the pub/restaurant now serves well respected Italian grub with a focus on pizzas partially incinerated in the wood fired oven. Given the prices of the ale and softs, one has to mull over the proposition that the owners are either in, or collecting funds for, the Mafia! 


No. Date Hare Details
146303/07/18Rocky Road & Dave