Chip Advisor

The Apple Tree

Gerrards Cross

Chip advice dated: 10 July 2018 - Hash #no 1464

Up down pub ranking

Gerrards Crawss. Well it was never going to be cheap here was it. Only one pump offering the pretty bland Doombar at just under £4. On the tap however, ooh look, Mad Squirrel's Sumo. Barney in the chair so two pints rapidly ordered - £10.50 sir, cue a stunned silence. Yes, a new Hash unwanted record beer price of £5.25 a pint.
Not beer:
L & S at less than hesitant Hashers feared when reaching for their plastic to pay. Relief, only £1.75 for a pint of fizzy watery stuff with a hint of lime. Cola similarly "reasonable" for such a prestigious location at £3 a pint and even a slice thrown in. There's reasonable.
Fancy waiter/waitress delivered small fancy bowls with fancy paper linings restricting the quantity of skinny chips within. Reasonably tasty, they were rapidly consumed just in time for the condiments to arrive via the same fancy waiter. Not the sort of venue for heaps of tattie slabs to be expected but much appreciated in any event.
Too warm to consider taking up station inside so the option of occupying the garden was exercised. A very pleasant place to be, well screened from the A.40 and reasonably so from the large car park, it was an ideal location for shifting Sandra's cakes & the aforementioned chippings.


Formerly, and for many years, a Beefeater resto, the Apple Tree is now an upmarket foodie, yuppie, nimby, weird gin lover venue situated as it is next to the common and on the A.40 in the A list to Z list resident laden Gerrards Cross. With an interior wildly plastered with oversized lettering in attempt to tweak ones taste buds, chrome, wood & log fires, it is set up to appeal in a locale where £1 million buys you something the size of a Birmingham back to back.


No. Date Hare Details
146410/07/18Sarah & Speedbump