Chip Advisor

The Greyhound

Eton Wick

Chip advice dated: 4 September 2018 - Hash #no 1472

Up down pub ranking

Plenty of good feedback for the Knights of The Garter from Windsor & Eton who's brewery is within spitting distance. Reasonable drop of Pride and both beers at a decent £3.60 a scoop. Third beer on offer was possibly the unmentionable IPA .
Not beer:
Proper price for the L & Soda at a realistic 80p which is where it should be pitched. Cola at around the normal ticket at £2.80. Quizzed the bar staff as to why but no rational explanation was forthcoming. No chocy to satisfy our expert in chugging down this.
Anaglypta, well used wooden floors, dodgy looking cladding, blown secondary double glazing, a ramshackle outside wooden area - it was all there. However, given the exodus of customers there was plenty of seating and the landlady exhibited remarkable calm after being assaulted by Henry, her leggins, jeggins or whatever being holed as a result.


In Goodnight Sweetheart Nicholas Lyndhurst goes through a wall and time warps back to the 1940's. Going to The Greyhound is something similar, without the wall and only returning to the rough end of the 1960's perhaps. A throw back to less fastidious and enlightened times when a "local" was merely there for getting a belly full of ale, or for the ladies a bucket full of Cyprus Sherry before staggering back to ones drum and falling comatose on the horse hair sofa.  


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