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The Carrier's Arms


Chip advice dated: 28 August 2018 - Hash #no 1471

Up down pub ranking

The Reverend James was indeed a holy fellow and the Brain's beer named in his honour was a right good drop. Excellent Butcombe Original and Tribute also on offer and, look, no Rebellion!!!
Not beer:
L & S at a very reasonable quid a pint whilst the cola came in at £2.80 according to the landlady although I vaguely remember Keyboard telling me it was only £1.50. Hmmm. There was also the chance for the soft quaffers to indulge in slush puppies if they were so minded.
The bad news was no chips. The better news was a large supply of assorted sarnies, albeit these mostly on very white bread. These were duly dispatched in true Hash Gannet style. The very good news was the large collection of assorted sweet stuff courtesy of Keyboard & The Pink Panter. The carrot cake was delicioso.
A small, traditional pub not often found these days. With bags of rustic seating, some beams, clean but old style decor, a welcoming feel, good service and glasses which matched the beer, all in all a bit of a gem.


Almost as if it was not wanted in the town, the Carrier's Arms plies it's trade on a tucked away position on the way up the considerable hill to Christmas Common. With a handy free car park just yards away it is well placed for those wanting a good bucket of excellent ale without perhaps any interference from the local plod. Noted for providing a good blow out of pub grub at reasonable prices, it is to be admired by those wanting a traditional boozer with the values that brings.  


No. Date Hare Details
147128/08/18Keyboard Ken