Chip Advisor

The Queens Head

Little Marlow

Chip advice dated: 20 November 2018 - Hash #no 1484

Up down pub ranking

Decent drop of Pride albeit at £4.40 a pint! Also on offer Doombar, methinks even blander after Sharp's became part of the Molson Coors (masters of lousy yankee beer) empire. Rebellion's brown water IPA on offer for the non ale drinkers.
Not beer:
How Much?? Yup, sad but true the L & S was a ridiculous £3.20 a pint. Incroyable mes amis!! Pump dispensed cola also £3.20 a pint. Makes the beer seem almost reasonably priced. The whinge goes on. [Matt: Rather scared of breaking cover and admitting that I was on L&S this night...but L&S was £2.00 a pint. Still very much at the top end of the Bucks pricing chart, so the score of '4' remains intact...had it indeed been £3.20 I think it would have been a very rare '1 star' (not in a good way!)]
Small but fancy bowls of skinny fries were on offer which were fairly tasty. One can only assume that the price &, hence, Nice Butt's desire not to go well overdrawn, and indeed HWH3's desire that our Hares do not skint themselves supplying scoff probably kept supplies down.
An extended interior which is part the beam laden original and in part a modernist take on an up market fancy dan, pricey village hostelry. Car park also much extended which was a relief. All in all, a pretty pleasant area for the post Hash discussion, chip consumption & camararderie


Marlow's Little Secret. The sign missed off the word pricey but, in this up market location, that was only to be expected. The 16th century Queen's Head is so well tucked away that some, probably already lubricated, punters fail to find it altogether. Character in part sacrificed for additional space & hence food covers, the pub remains well remembered for the tearful rantings and, as per the Kinks ode, tales of drunkenness & cruelty from Jimmy Gulzar the unfortunate first hubby of Mel B, who owned the Manor House next door. It is also remembered for the first excursion into the dangerously drinkable mix of guinness & port by yours truly resulting in a somewhat vague journey back to the ranch.  


No. Date Hare Details
155604/08/20Lawrence & Moneypenny
Covid rules - from midday.
148420/11/18Nice Butt