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The Pack Horse


Chip advice dated: 12 February 2019 - Hash #no 1495

Up down pub ranking

Excellent London Pride £3.60 ((Hawkeye's tasting moustache twitched once...then twice...and he pronounced himself "Very impressed indeed!" whilst cleaning the foam from his top lip) & stronger ESB plus 2 craft lagers (Frontier & Veltner) plus the other usual assortment of pub beers (Guinness, Heineken..etc).
Not beer:
In Aud's words, "It looked like coffee, and tasted like a sort of hot chocolate"...which was probably lucky as the drink in question was indeed a hot chocolate! [Awaiting L&S & Coke feedback]
Proper ones, in boxes, from fish 'n chip shop - plentiful and very tasty indeed. Only improvement would have been lashings of salt n vinegar...which ironically we had left over in abundance from the Xmas! Still, it would be churlish to moan when the pub was so accommodating in letting us chomp our way through all this bought-in food whilst standing at their bar.
OK, so not the biggest, most salubrious or easiest to park at pub, with some having had to leave their vehicles in another postcode. However, 2 blokes serving behind the small, compact bar made sure that everybody was served promptly, and hash hounds were welcomed as indeed were we all on a busy Champions' League football night. Plus, the dart games going on seemed to quieten Roger down a bit as well...he's never been quite the same since that unsavoury incident with the orcs in The Beaconsfield Arms back in 2016!


Simon said "this probably won't make hash pub of the year"...but he could be wrong! This was a 'proper' drinking establishment, albeit located on the 'wrong' side of Wendover in the desert between the picturesque town centre and the decidedly less picturesque  environs of RAF Halton.

OK, so there was a slight prefab feel as you walked in the side door (or was it the front door?) almost straight into the toilets before stepping back and turning hard left into the bar area, having to open and close doors in exactly the right order to do so - a new game of 'Hash Pub Jenga'? However, once inside, the welcome was friendly, the beer was free-flowing and the atmosphere was that of a proper boozer. So, no poncing, no fripperies, no embellishments...what's not to like about that, eh?


No. Date Hare Details
149512/02/19Whipping Boy & Dashwood Dick