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The Red Lion


Chip advice dated: 9 July 2019 - Hash #no 1516

Up down pub ranking

Amongst the myriad of lager & fizzy beer taps were two hand pumps, one serving Greene King's abysmal IPA, the other Morland's (now swallowed by GK) Golden Hen which at 4.1% just scraped over the plimsoll line and was reasonably refreshing if a bit twangy.
Not beer:
Lime & Soda at a fairly reasonable £1.60 a pint but lemonade & cola at a pretty hefty £3.50 which was not far off the ale price! The moral is - forget the soft stuff and drink beer! Another pub, another rip off.
Arriving so late that a panic stricken Hare had to give out a message of assurance, the chips were plentiful and, whilst looking a little ragged (Sid James face sprung to mind for some reason), were tasty with condiments a plenty.
A barn of a boozer designed solely for sucking in as many punters as possible. Lacking in character as was expected given its location, seating was available and, whilst we were somewhat spread out, the GM did risk his usual monologue probably baffling the hell out of the locals.


When in 1869 the Metropolitan Railway arrived in Chesham what was a sleepy village expanded rapidly with watering holes situated in proximity to the station for commuters arriving from London to get a stiffener before facing the wife. Later, as the town spread with a variety of housing, boozers such as the Red Lion opened their doors to reel in the newly arrived population. With pool tables, burger based pub grub and a variety of drinks guaranteed to get virtually any punter blootered, the pub continues to serve the community. 


No. Date Hare Details
151609/07/19Mexican Des
Hare we go again